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Mindfulness for Wellbeing in Cheshire

Mindfulness Courses in Cheshire

I offer secular mindfulness-based courses and mindfulness practice sessions for individuals at Cheshire Lasers in Middlewich, Cheshire and for groups at The Lighthouse in Weaverham, Cheshire. All mindfulness practices and courses are based on the Breathworks 'Mindfulness for Health' programme developed by Vidyamala Burch. If you'd like more information, please get in touch and I can give you a call.

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Mindfulness can help you to:

  • Become more aware in your daily life
  • Manage personal challenges
  • Respond to everyday pressures with choice and awareness, instead of reacting automatically
  • Develop better relationships with others
  • Appreciate life's simple pleasures
  • Restore a sense of calm and ease
  • Sleep better


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a mind-body awareness approach, which everyone can practice and benefit from at any time. It involves learning to tune into our full experience, noticing sounds, seeing what is around us and feeling whatever is arising in our life right now. 

Through mindfulness meditation practice, mindful movement and body awareness practice, we learn to become more aware from one moment to the next in a very patient and gentle way, without being self-critical or judgmental. We learn to notice whatever arises in our experience with a sense of open-ness and self-care.

More about mindfulness courses:

You can choose to follow an 8-week mindfulness course or I can design a personalised mindfulness programme for you. 

During a session you'll learn simple short mindfulness practices which you can use in your daily life. Mindfulness can help us to change our perspective on life's challenges and enable us to notice when we need to stop or slow and down, so that we can look after ourselves better. By bringing mindfulness into our lives, we can start to feel more balanced, happier and more fulfilled. 

There is considerable research evidence to show that regular mindfulness practice can help to restore energy and vitality; improve brain function; rebalance emotions; strengthen the immune system; develop personal resilience and enhance relationships.


What is involved?

We learn to tune into life moment by moment through gentle, guided mindfulness practice when lying, sitting and in gentle movement. All activities can be done in a chair if you prefer.

Mindfulness practice encourages us to become more aware of our thoughts, emotions, feelings and bodily sensations, so that we can learn to notice our stress triggers and take better care of ourselves before our health starts to suffer.


What do I need?

Please wear warm, comfortable clothing and bring a blanket and pillow.


Please Note: The course is not suitable for people currently experiencing acute depression, acute anxiety, acute mental health conditions or physical or emotional trauma as we will be noticing our thoughts and emotions.


M: 07795 243346     T: 01606 556206

E: info@mindfulcalm.co.uk



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Mindfulness in Weaverham

A new mindfulness practice course for mind-body awareness and relaxation starts on Wednesday 27 Sept from 7.15-8.15pm in Weaverham at the Lighthouse. £80 for 8-weeks (paid in advance) £10 per week (£40 minimum charge paid in advance) Please get in touch  to reserve your place.



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